Taking Brand Australia Global — blueshyft

Published on
November 3, 2022
Jack Williams
Head of Business Development
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blueshyft, like many others before it, stems from humble beginnings.

When they launched in mid-2015, no one knew what blueshyft was. Yet, as more and more customers appreciated their value proposition, the company was able to systematically forge its way to becoming the answer to the Australian logistics industry’s technical and operational difficulties.

Today, blueshyft is the country’s most advanced in-store payment gateway, boasting long-term partnerships with giant enterprises — like Bitcoin Australia and FedEx Express — as well as over $6 million in revenue.

What sets blueshyft apart from its competitors is that it operates as a Network-as-a-Service provider that optimises the intersection between its software platform, its hardware, and the quality and quantity of its retail locations, which grew to over 1,500 nationwide and counting.

Whether it is a lack of physical deposit facilities or access to a national network of alternative delivery and payment locations, blueshyft ensures seamless experiences and efficient solutions between their partners and their partners’ customer base.

This now begs the question: How has blueshyft come out triumphant despite its deeply saturated market? Here are 3 reasons why blueshyft continues to leave its competitors in the dust and why it is best set up for success on a global scale.

1) blueshyft is Unafraid to Be the First

While it may not be the first Network-as-a-Service provider in Australia, blueshyft has certainly made up for it by taking numerous unprecedented leaps. One of these strategic risks is establishing a partnership with Bitcoin Australia — one of the country’s first Bitcoin exchanges, operating as early as 2014.

By becoming the first national payment gateway that allows customers to purchase cryptocurrency over the counter, blueshyft has strengthened efficiency and convenience in a seemingly complex and inaccessible ecosystem — mitigating market apprehensions and revolutionising the transactional process for Bitcoin enthusiasts along the way.

Not only has blueshyft catered to a fast-growing niche market, it has also built on Australians’ need for convenience and efficiency — which, in turn, solidified its status as a household name across the country.

2) blueshyft Fosters Coherent Partnerships

As Australians continuously patronise services and providers who focus on flawless customer experiences and operational efficiencies, blueshyft uses this as a motivator in tirelessly seeking to close the gaps that most big companies fail to address.

This has become apparent in their partnership with FedEx Express. blueshyft addressed failed home deliveries by turning every blueshyft-enabled store into a FedEx Express drop-off location, thereby satisfying customer demands as well as capitalising on opportunity costs.

This move alone has effectively lessened the possibility of parcels either being redirected to far-flung FedEx Express depots and redelivered, or having customers go through the trouble of picking parcels up themselves.

3) blueshyft is Taking Retailers into the Digital Age

Building on Australians’ penchant for novel tech that makes their lives easier, blueshyft’s business model is a fairly simple one. It provides free, seamless POS solutions to retailers using the blueshyft app and iPad and “pays” every store owner a commission for every transaction.

All retailers are left to do is to wait for customers to come into their stores, scan their QR codes on the blueshyft iPad, and make over-the-counter payments. These services are free and come without lock-in contracts — as more services get added into blueshyft’s list of partners, the higher the retailers’ revenue and foot traffic.

For any retailer who wishes to earn additional profits or any potential partner who wants to grow their reach a thousandfold overnight, blueshyft is the way of the future.

blueshyft’s rise to success is thanks to a combination of industry and tech know-how as well as a staunch focus on seamless customer experience. As it continues to take bold steps, foster strategic partnerships, and allow more and more retailers to piggyback on their launch toward globalisation, blueshyft will consistently pierce through glass ceilings both in Australia and even abroad.

This article is the fifth instalment to our “Taking Brand Australia Global” series. Keep posted next time as we explore how other renowned Australian scale-ups like Spacer, ModiBodi, Archie Rose, and HIVERY set themselves up for both national and global success.