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We’re the first to champion a compelling origin story for every brand. A story that kicks off with: ‘we started in a garage, sitting on crates’, or ‘we had nothing but the shirts on our backs and a great idea’.

Ohhhh how we wish we had a garage story. A kitchen table tale. Geez, even a spare room anacdote. But the fact is, not all businesses start like that. Ours didn’t.

BeingIconic started for one simple reason – because we were sick and tired of watching businesses with mind-blowing concepts fail and fall away, like so many before them.

We were worn out by hearing about phenomenal medical tech, cutting-edge agricultural platforms, game-changing property disrupters, environmental innovations – ideas that make the world better, easier, brighter – just not making it, when we have the skill and the experience to do something about it. To change their fate.

As a no BS business, here’s the truth: most of our exceptional and celebrated founders came to Australia from England for better weather, to trade pebble beaches for white sand, and to order a bloody cold beer instead of that warm stuff they serve over the pond.

What they found was an opportunity to bring together a talented, intelligent and highly-motivated group of experts to make a real difference – to take small ideas and small businesses, and help them make it big, through a world-first Magnituder program.

Now, we’re not going to blow smoke up our own proverbials; we aren’t claiming we change the world…

But we are the people, behind the people, who do – and we’re pretty happy with that!

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At BeingIconic, we have a lot of big beliefs -- a clear purpose, a challenging mission, an ambitious vision -- but what we believe most in, is the values that drive and govern our every decision and move; that keep us on track and ensure we are always surrounded by people who bring out the best in us. Above all, we value: